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As an indie writer and editor, I’m always on the lookout for things that will help my clients and my own writing.

Two of the biggest investments an indie can make are in editing and cover design.

Be sure to check out my post on What to Look For in an Editor for some guidelines, and when you have an idea of what you’re looking for, come check out this resource guide! I have compiled a list of editors, artists, designers, branding experts, and more to help indie writers on their journey.

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Resources for Writers

Please feel free to contact me if you know of someone whose business would be a good fit for this resource guide.

Although many of the editors, artists, and branding experts are people I know and would recommend, I cannot possibly vouch for all of them. Do your research! Make sure to ask for references and ensure any contract you sign is straightforward and covers what you’re expecting out of a professional relationship.