Yridessa the Dragon

I’ve been looking for ways to expand my platform, and of course one thing that is totally necessary for a writer is to have a solid social media presence. I keep up with Facebook and blogging, but I don’t do much else.

But I’ve been realizing that I need to up my game a little bit in order to stay current with the times.

Unrelated to this thought process, I spent some time several weeks ago expressing my creativity in a different way. I did some sewing. I made my kids stuffed animals. Bigs didn’t want one, and Nano is too little to appreciate it, but I let Littles, Tiny, and Micro each pick some material off my shelf and tell me what custom stuffed animal they wanted.

Littles found some faux fur and decided on a Wooly Mammoth. Tiny found some shiny white cloth and asked for an Ice Dragon. And Micro found some camouflage material and wanted a Camo Sea Turtle.

20160624_190035I had so much fun designing and creating them, I decided to make one for myself. And of course, what else could I make for myself, but a purple dragon.

Then I had another idea. My boys make stop-motion videos using Legos and post them on YouTube, and I thought, how fun would it be to do something similar with my dragon!

And, as a bonus, this would be a way for me to up my social media presence in a fun, unique way.

I came up with some ideas for videos, but there was one problem.

My dragon didn’t have a name.

How could she be a YouTube star if she didn’t have a name?

It couldn’t be just any name. After all, this was a custom purple dragon with a future in showbiz. An ordinary name just wouldn’t do. But I couldn’t decide on one that really fit her, so she went nameless for a long time.20160624_004423

I took her on vacation with me. My family drove from Phoenix to Oregon, where my hubby’s family lives, then he and I left the kids with his mom and sister, and flew to Hawaii for my boss Ben Wolf’s wedding. While we were there, my good friend Sarah Grimm started calling the dragon Yridessa, pronounced like iridescent (although the spelling was not yet determined at that time).

It stuck. And so, Yridessa the Dragon was born.

And now, she is well on her way to fame and fortune. She has an Instagram account (she’d love it if you would follow her!), her own page on my website, and a YouTube channel.

Come check out her videos, and please, if you enjoy them, like, share, and comment! It would make Yridessa very happy to know you enjoyed them.


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